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Hospice care is a special type of whole person care for patients living with a life limiting illness. The focus is on comfort and managing the patient’s pain and symptoms. For more information on hospice care, click here.

Click here for more information about the difference hospice and palliative care

Watch this video to see how hospice has helped patients and families in your community.

California’s End-of-Life Option Act

The End-of-Life Option Act is a new California law that took effect June 9, 2016. The law will give terminally ill adults in California the option to end their lives by swallowing lethal doses of physician-prescribed medications. St. Joseph Health will ‘opt-out’ of the provisions of California’s new end-of-life law and will not participate in the aid in dying practice on our premise. Click here for more information about the End-of-Life Option Act.

What Does St. Joseph Health Mission and Values Say About Physician Assisted Suicide or Aid in Dying?

SJH provides end-of-life care that supports the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the patient and their family. This end-of-life care is grounded in the values of respecting the sacredness of life, providing compassionate care to dying and vulnerable persons, and respecting the integrity of health care providers. St. Joseph Health believes that compassionate, end-of-life care should neither prolong nor hasten the natural dying process. Click here to read more