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Honoring Mom and Dad

Contributor: Amy Compton-Phillips & Louis Phillips

Amy Compton-Phillips, M.D., executive vice president and chief clinical officer at Providence St. Joseph Health, and her husband, Louis, reveal what it was like losing both sets of parents within several years and the lessons learned.


Delivered From Despair

Contributor: Mike Roth & Story Squires and Pam Sipos

Transitional care unit patient Mike Roth, recovering from multiple hip replacements that have been occasioned by recurring MRSA infections, shares with Story Squires and Pam Sipos of Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle how an abusive and deprived childhood led him to devote his life to service for others.


Doing Right and Good

Contributor: Tomi Ryba & Gayle Johnson

Tomi Ryba, Providence St. Joseph Health chief executive for Southern Oregon, talks with Gayle Johnson, executive office manager at PSJH in Medford, Ore., about why she adopted two Guatemalan children as an older adult and how her adult, biological children took the news.


Spiritual Union

Contributor: Mary Mitchell & John Galloway + Helene Walling

During a conversation at Providence Mount St Vincent, Mary Mitchell speaks with her friends John Galloway and Helene Walling about their relationship, family, and commitment to each other.


Life After Loss

Contributor: Harriet Schulman & Joan Nilon

Harriet Schulman, speaks with her friend, Joan Nilon, about her move in 2014 to Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle and her husband’s sudden passing. She remembers his love for jazz music and shares finding joy again through excursions to places like museums and the zoo.


Truth and Justice

Contributor: Sister Michele MacMillan & Sister Clare Lentz

Sister Michele MacMillan shares with Sister Clare Lentz about her life as a Dominican sister and witnessing an incident, which inspired her work in helping the Khum people build a community in Seattle. She talks about going from parish to parish asking for donations for the families. She recounts setting up educational programs to help people read and practice speaking.


Sustenance of Life

Contributor: Leta Rosetree & Pam Sipos

Leta Rosetree talks to Pam Sipos about her experiences working for Elizabeth Kubler Ross as driver and sheep herder. She shares stories of what life was like living with her on a farm in Highland County Virginia. Leta talks about Elizabeth’s support of AIDS patients, her love for cooking as well as things they did together.


Easing One's Way

Contributor: Berit Koltveit & Sue Voorhies

Colleagues, Berit Koltveit and Sue Voorhies, discuss their work in hospice and reflect on the families they’ve served through the years. Sue, a veteran in nursing, offers support to her friend as she shares her stories and wisdom with Berit, who is about to begin nursing school.


Miracle and Rebirth

Contributor: Harriet Thompson & Chaplain Mollie Mana'o

Harriet Thompson, a resident of Mount St Vincent, speaks with her friend and chaplain, Mollie Mana'o about how they first met when Harriet came onto hospice service. She talks about her recovery from cancer and what that experience felt like. She also reflects about another life accomplishment, her 51 years of sobriety and finding her calling through that experience.


Journey to Confidence

Contributor: Chime Ohdon & Chaplain Cleo Molina

Mount St. Vincent caregiver Chime Ohdon tells Chaplain Cleo Molina about her childhood in Tibet and a treacherous month-long journey to Nepal following her mother’s death. Welcomed by the Dalai Lama, her life travels took her to India and eventually to the United States.

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