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Why do I need an advance directive?
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Have You Made A List And Checked It Twice? This holiday season,check off your to-do list and give the best gift - the gift of knowledge. Think about your values and goals for care preferences and complete an advance directive today.

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Join us for an Advance Care Planning Clinic at St. Joseph Heritage Medical Clinic – Batavia Woods. Complimentary services including completion of Advance Directive. Multi-language available.

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Share Your Life Wishes
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"I've seen families in tears of distress from not knowing what to do, and families in tears of relief when we found a patient's wishes documented... though they had never been discussed."

Douglas R. Wilson, MD

Queen of the Valley Medical Center Family Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Care

“Thank you for arranging this event. My husband and I both felt emotionally drained when we left but there was so much good information and we talked for several hours when we got home about What Matters to us. We’ve had superficial discussion about this but never in-depth and to the point of putting anything in writing.” Carol- Being Mortal Participant

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We’ve completed an advance directive. Have You?

82% of people say it’s important to put their wishes in writing.


23% have actually done it.

Start the Conversation Source: The Conversation Project National Survey 2013.